Jeremy Linnell

I'm a young semi-professional actor living in Cardiff. I've been active professionally for the last year or so and as an amateur before then. In the past year I've had several paid speaking roles, have taken part in some more experimental work and have also done some work as an extra. I have devoted myself to acting full time and spend most of my time furthuring my career in some manner. 

Just recently I've come off a piece of experimental devised theatre called "The Perfect Painting" which involved working silently and with masks. I took it because it was completely out of my range of experience and that is what is most important to me at the moment. I enjoy testing myself as an actor and have yet to reach my limits. 

I've also had the distinct privilege of training with the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in their summer acting intensive which gave me a considerable boost and I hope to return there in the near future to study full time. I will be auditioning for the postgraduate course early next year with the aim to attend in September 2011. Until then I will be continuing to work in and around Cardiff. I'm available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for any and all types of role. I'm incredibly flexible, hard working, serious about my work but also light-hearted and fun to work with. 

I'm also considerably experienced with working with children having worked with them in professional and voluntary positions over the years. I am a decent musician having played guitar for 16 years and bass for 10 and have also worked as a nightclub DJ. Apart from my professional life I enjoy cooking, magic/illusionists, music, board gaming and spending time with friends.