Name: Guillermo

Artist Name: DJ Jermoz

Age: 29

Gender: Male

DJ, Producer, Male, Love' Music and Love's Food.....

Music is a world Language...So let's talk....

About Jermoz:

This boy intresses into music genres started on a early age. His big sister gave him a cassette tape with rave music. On that point was Jermoz in love with dance music. He listens to different illegal radiostations that played back in the days rave and acid...When he grew up and getting older..he start to buy some turntables...and begon to make mixtapes. This passion for music just grew and grew with the years....Jermoz loves almost any genre....because he says: It's not the genre what makes a track go's the PASSION in the track what you should could here back. And thats why he also started to produce tracks... Still learning, still spinning...The main genre Jermoz play's is...Tech-House..Techno...Progressive House...but that doesnt mean that a Trance, dubstep or whatever track can pass he said before....If the track is made with Love and can hear it back on the dancefloor....This enough for now....but keep an eye on this guy....because this guy....will's just a matter of time....and when that day has come....don't let me say: "I TOLD YOU SO".....



DJ Jermoz - Monique (originalmix) @ypslonrecords

DJ Jermoz - Musica (originalmix) @ypslonrecords

Jermoz - Good Things (original mix) @MostWantedInternational records