Jerry • Jernej Kelih

Recent Projects

I am a kitesurfer traveling around the world visiting diferent kite spots where I kitesurf, make photos & videos and write about it on my kitesurfing travel blog -

At the moment I'm based in Oslo, Norway, where I work as web designer in a lively startup community. Contact me, I'm always open for new awesome projects!



Take a look at my CV / Work Experiences here:




  • Founder and content producer at
  • International Kiteboarding Instructor Level 2 (IKO Licence)
  • 4 years of practice (different locations across Europe, Africa and Asia).
  • Experience of kitesurfing and teaching kitesurfing in all type of conditions, all type of gear...
  • Experience in living in different continents and climates (Europe, Africa, Asia, from -20C to + 50C )


  • 10 years of practice (Black Belt 1st DAN)
  • 4 years professional competitor
  • 4 times national champion (Slovenia)
  • 1st place european university championship
  • 5th place world cup
  • 8th place world championship
  • 6th place european championship
  • 2 years instructor in my own Karate club