Do good work. Walk carefully, and die alone. If one pays attention, it is easy to overachieve.

Key differentiators

Boredom is my dominant emotion. I usually put my work first, and my family last. I enjoy studying how languages convey information: raw sensations, human languages, machine languages, math... and everything in between.

Current activities

  • I work at, an IT firm that wants to enable anyone to visualise data with maps, whether they can or cannot write computer code.
  • I enjoy working in food & beverage retail operations, and will probably retire someday to run a small cafe where I can monitor operations while working on studies in statistics, mathematics, and programming as tools.
  • I'm interested in refurbishing properties in, or near, the Klang Valley, for fun and profit.
  • Other new-business suggestions are welcome.

General interests

I'm interested in information science. Specifically (1.) the issue of how standard mathematical notation gets in the way of learning mathematics, and (2.) analytical (MECE) approaches to the quantification of (2.1.) education and the history of ideas, and (2.2.) human consciousness per se.

My approach to 2.2. broadly involves with meditations on the physical structure of human memory, sensation, and imagination - beyond that, I am acquiring a tool-chain for testing phenomenological models in / via machines.