Jerry LeNeave

I wear many hats. To some I'm a digital communications manager, to others a content director, a blogger, a writer, a designer, a father, a husband, a friend. Regardless of my many titles, I labor at them all with equal ardor.

I'm the Content Director of Obsidian Portal, an online tracking and wiki community for tabletop role playing games. I'm also the producer and lead host of our official podcast Haste.

As a day job I work as a technical specialist for a kick-ass IT company that provides top notch support and custom tailored solutions for our customers.

I'm happily married and father of two great kids. In my spare time I do a lot writing about games and publishing content on The Dread Gazebo and my personal blog. You can also find my work printed within the pages of Kobold Quarterly and on their blog. Feel free to strike up a conversation anytime!