Jesse Bussard

Jesse Bussard is a cowgirl with eastern roots who followed her dreams westward. She obtained degrees in both Animal Science (B.S.) and Crop Sciences (M.S) at Penn State University and University of Kentucky, respectively. Jesse’s graduate research focused on the soil-plant-animal relationship with an emphasis on forage crops and livestock grazing systems.

Currently based in Bozeman, Montana, she provides writing, editing, and content solutions to individuals and small businesses in the ranching, agricultural, food, and outdoors sporting communities, through her company, Cowpunch Creative, Some of her clients have included individuals such as stockmanship clnician, Curt Pate, sustainable ranching and grazing consultant, Jim Elizondo, and the award-winning fly fishing film, Where the Yellowstone Goes.

Jesse is also an independent writer for several print and online publications and is in the beginning stages of her first book project. Her writing focuses on topics relevant to food, the outdoors, agriculture, ranching, horses, and American Western culture. She has appeared in publications such as American Cowboy, Progressive Cattleman, Progressive Forage Grower, Beef Producer and The Stockman Grass Farmer, among many other media appearances.

When not writing and creating epic art, Jesse enjoys beer, homebrewing, archery, and fly fishing.

You can see examples of her work in her online writing portfolio: