Jessie Daniels

After earning an MA and PhD in Sociology from UT-Austin, landing a prestigious post-doc and securing my first tenure track job, I left academia and worked in the Internet industry for a few years before returning to academia. It turned out to be a fortuitous detour.

Since 2007, I've maintained a scholarly blog, Racism Review, with Joe Feagin. Racism Review regularly gets 200,000 unique visitors each month, and has received well over than 2 million visitors since it began.

The blog, along with my scholarship (see Cyber Racism and lots more of my research here), brings together my interests in digital media, social inequality and re-imagining scholarly communication.

Most days, Twitter is the place you'll most often find me online. I find it excellent place to read, connect with other folks and curate information. Forbes Magazine recently named me one of "20 Inspiring Women to Follow on Twitter," (no really). You can find me there at: @JessieNYC. And, as you can see my First Five interview, Twitter is still one of my favorites.

My exciting current project about reimagining scholarly communication to engage social justice in the digital era is: JustPublics@365.