Jet Balagtas

I love digital marketing. I also love code, great design, startups, and strategy.

My world revolves around my family. Like most parents, I think the world of my kids. They’re simply awesome. My wife is my strength and my confidant. She’s also an incredible cook. I have gotten better at cooking as well.

Squash is my most favorite sport to play but I’ll also play a mean game of table tennis and badminton. I like basketball, target shooting, mountain biking, and I’ll watch football if I happen upon it on TV. You could say I’m athletic, I have a competitive streak, I love winning, and that I’m a regular guy. I love grilling food and enjoying it with friends, good beer, and quick wit. I like having my morning espresso to start the day. I like fast cars, planes, and motorcycles.

Oh, and I thorougly enjoy solving problems ;)