Jean Galvanis MGassiyombo

Jean Galvanis MGassiyombo is an Enterprise Architect for SPECTRUM IT, a Technology firm with a focus on Enterprise Information Management and Business Intelligence for global clients in Banking, Finance, and Healthcare. As the developer of the Spectrum Methodology, a framework for developing Enterprise Data Architecture blueprints, he continues to work collaboratively with leaders across the industry to craft and execute a comprehensive strategy—called SPECTRUM Vision—designed to help the firm become recognized as one of the best professional services organization.

Jean Galvanis’ leadership by example is noteworthy for both a commitment to client services and a commitment to community services. He has distinguished himself on numerous client engagements including PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Merrill Lynch, Alcoa, Fleet Bank, Kaiser Permanente, and Waste Management.

Jean Galvanis earned a Masters Degree in Economic and Quantitative Analysis from Western Illinois University; The George Washington University awarded him an Executive Masters Degree in Software Engineering. He is a candidate for Doctorate degree at Columbia University Business School.

Jean Galvanis has a special interest in the understanding of human consciousness evolution, political philosophy, and their impacts on human conditions.