John Keegan

I am certified to teach Social Studies state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I recently received an MA in History Millersville University, and I am working on becoming certified in other states. My physical and learning disabilities make this a challenging prospect. On the physical side, I have Cerebral Palsy and use forearm crutches and a power chair. On the learning side, I have dyslexia. (For background see Proofreading and Learning Disability: Microsoft Reader as a Proofreading Tool). With the growth of technology, writing, though still challenging, has become mechanically easier. In 1997, I launched a personal website to share my writing. Both my writing and website have grown in sophistication; however, my website is simplistic compare to others. Recently I have branched out into using other services (they are listed below). The newest of these is my Travel Journal the purpose of which is to document my travels as they happen. Traveling and dealing with circumstances that could be of use to others with disabilities. Additionally, it could also be of use people without disabilities. Finally, the process of recording my travels is fun. Please view my work and enjoy!