Jiaming Ju

A Chinese national raised in Dandong, on the border of Northeastern China and North Korea, Jiaming has lived and worked in 4 continents over the past 8 years. Apart from being a native speaker in Chinese and fluent in English, she speaks Korean and has beginner knowledge of Japanese and French. Jiaming is passionate about linking businesses and academia across cultures/backgrounds through a shared goal, helping them realize their potential and grow together. Her work experience includes starting up a cross-border external relations division for small-scale strawberry farmers in Northeastern China in order to link Chinese farmers directly with their American counterpart in California to increase sales, working as the only foreign female parliamentary correspondent in Ghana, and serving as a researcher and strategist for the Sino-North Korean satellite city project in Dandong, China, to help local government raise International media attention and increase investment potential. She is also a self-employed portrait photographer, Chinese language teacher and a serious tea connoisseur. Jiaming finished her Master's degree in Public Administration in Columbia University in May 2012. Using her diverse experience, Jiaming aspires to become a cross-border project manager or strategy director for promoting mutual understanding among scholars and policy makers. Jiaming is currently working as the Program Manager for Initiative for Policy Dialogue, an economic policy think tank founded by Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Joseph Stiglitz while freelancing as an East Asia policy analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit.