Jimmie Jones

"Whoever said the sky is the limit must be looking dumb, because I'm 21 and moon walking on the Sun.          - Sean Anderson, Big Sean


When I was growing up, I was always required to work twice as hard as my peers just to be equal. Whether it was in sports or academics, I always had to work harder than the average young person. I used to think that this was a negative aspect of my life, until I realized that having to work harder caused me to think twice as hard to solve problems and forced me to find creative ways to answer questions and find solutions.

Now, because of my childhood, I am focused, driven, and ambitious and will spare no expense to learn what I need to know in order to succeed.

My Motto for life: Live. Create. Inspire.

My Standard: Excellence and Nothing Less.

IT Consultant. Programming Enthusiast. HTML. Blogger. Entrepreneur. Youth Mentor. Technology Enthusiast. Branding. Social Media Marketing.