Justin Luzier

I was born in Warsaw, NY within a county that boasts more cows than people.

I graduated from Syracuse University's iSchool right on the cusp of the .dotcom boom. I rode the Internet consulting wave to New York City, and later to Dallas, TX where the wave came crashing down forcing me to look for a real job. Bounced around between some other consulting companies and a fashion retailer based in Dallas.

I met Kerri at a party on the last weekend of college. We bonded over beer and our love of sports. We married in September 15, 2001. I convinced her to put her stuff in a Ryder truck and move to Texas which we now call home.

I'm the father of two great kids, both very special in very different ways. My daughter has autism, so I strive daily to see the world as she sees it, and help others do the same. I often see my son as as man trapped inside a little boy's body; he's grown up so fast.

Professionally, I've touched a lot of different technology. I've torn it apart and made it work, or watched it fail. I've flown to your corporate office to tell you that your framework won't scale. I've been asked to learn new frameworks in a few days and build teams to deliver (with some success and failure along the way). 

I prefer Python to Java these days.

I'm a Bills fan, but I'm over the whole field goal thing, although that goal should never have counted...

I've been known to sing karaoke while playing TF2.