Joanne Boston
9-5, I am in medical accounting providing care and financial counseling for oncology patients at a private practice in San Francisco. 5-9, I am the creative force behind a French macaron baking endeavor called Mahal to the Macs and author of a food blog called Jo Boston is a Foodie. My writing has been posted on the San Francisco CBS Local website, FAAE's Expo Magazine, Kulinarya Magazine, SF Station, and Pinchit. Samples of my writing have also been recognized by 7x7 Magazine and Michelin Guide. 24/7, I am a Filipino food advocate. I am editor of a recipe-nostalgia-sharing site called Project:Adobo, a co-founder of kapaMEALya - a dining group based in the San Francisco Bay Area and a contributer to The Filipino Food Movement - all focusing on promoting Filipino cuisine and Filipinos in the culinary industry. I enjoy traveling, writing, and kitchening! Photo by: Sandra Rosa/amythystlune