jocelyn aucoin

So, right. I’m not a ninja or a magician. I’m definitely not a hero and don’t get me started on that "influencers" crap. I do, however, believe in doing things. You know, getting things done. And one of my favorite things to do is to make stuff. I also like to destroy lameness. And, I really, really love to see people at their best.

This has had many expressions over the years, from running an independent record label, Lujo Records, to building lively social communities for tech startups in the Silicon Valley, to writing. Writing is my true love. I’ve been published places, but also enjoy whiping up a nice whitepaper. I might be working on a book. Of poetry. Or something. Maybe.

Currently I’m making some big things happen that I'm pretty pumped about: becoming certified as a coach and working on a pretty cool project with what has to be one of my favorite companies ever, Eventbrite. I specialize in digital stuff, but only as it enchances real life. I strongly believe the true measure of an online/digital experience is how it sparks offline connection/meaning.

It's all about people for me. Helping. Figuring out ways to better serve. Putting positive things into the world. I love meeting new people - I mean it. So please say "hi." I would like it.

Thanks for reading.