jocelyn aucoin

So, hi. I’m not a ninja or a magician. I’m definitely not a hero and don’t get me started on that "influencers" crap. I do, however, believe in not just dreaming but doing. And I really think people should follow hard after what they love, no matter what. So I do that. This has had and has many expressions.

I've run independent record label, Lujo Records, for the last 10 years. Releasing over 90 albums has taught me so much about people, about dedication, about hard work. I will always be a part of music because music is a part of me.

For the past three years, I've been working with tech startups in the Silicon Valley, consulting on everything from Marketing to Social Media to Internal Communications to Content. You throw something at me, we will tackle it. Together.

Last year I decided to start the process of becoming certified as a coach through The Coaches Institute because of this relentless commitment to and love of seeing people at their best. It might be an addiction? It makes me super happy.

My other happy place? Writing. I strongly believe in the power of words to heal, to inspire, to shed light and to make the old new again. I have a couple of books in the workings, you know, because one would not be enough.

In a nutshell - it's all about people for me. Helping. Figuring out ways to better serve. Bettering myself so I can better serve. Paying attention, creating, bringing positive things into the world. I think you get the idea. I love meeting new people - I mean it.

Please say "hello"?