Joe Stogdale

Joe Stogdale is a recent graduate in BA Fine Art from the University of Leeds, and is currently undertaking a studio artist residency at NN Contemporary Art, Northampton (UK).

Joe is dedicated to gaining an education in the theoretical and technical rigour he deems necessary for effective contemporary art production and successful exhibition. He balances the time demands of his studio practice with also working as a young arts professional, undertaking a wide range of roles both technical and interpersonal in nature.

Joe converted a successful gallery internship at NN Contemporary into a paid role in January 2014. In May of the same year, he was offered a front of house position within a major UK arts organisation - MK GALLERY in Milton Keynes. He hopes that his work with both organisations will put him in a strong position from which to go on to enjoy a long and successful artistic career.

Within his own practice, Stogdale works to create conceptual sculptures which he sees as structural intentions driven by personal imaginings.

Joe considers his practice to be an ongoing process of assemblage and is fascinated by this most basic act of putting together disparate components. He sets himself simple, practical tasks and completes, fails, repeats, extends or overcomplicates these in an endless sequence of pragmatism and material play.

His sculptures and installations often resemble makeshift 'set-ups', temporary compilations of his makings and contraptions. Inspired by the many problems and peculiarities inherent in construction, he aims to make work that communicates the tension in the relationship between humble means and big ideas.