Joe Macaré originally hails from the UK and resides in Chicago. His interest in people's movements, resistance and police repression dates back at least as far as the time he was "kettled" for seven hours by the London Metropolitan Police in Oxford Circus along with protesters, other observers and bystanders on May Day 2001.

He is currently Director of Donor Development and Outreach at Truthout and an editor and contributor at the Occupied Chicago Tribune. He was previously Communications Director at In These Times, where he was also responsible for some of the earliest coverage of Occupy Chicago at a national media outlet.

He has appeared on WBEZ, Citizen Radio, Radio Dispatch, RT's Alyona Show and CAN-TV's Chicago Newsroom to discuss Occupy Chicago, the 2011 NATO summit protests and the Chicago Teachers Union strike. He began and maintains the #journobloc listserv, previously known as #NATOjournos and founded to offer an informal network and resource for independent media reporters, photographers and livestreamers covering protests in Chicago and beyond.