Johanna Nield

Johanna Nield is my pseudonym; as a child I promised myself that if I’m ever fortunate enough to have my work published, then that is the name by which my readers will know me.

In September 2008, I began sketching an idea for what was originally going to be a short story; by mid-October 2008 I had the outline for a novel, and by the following year I had written over 270000 words! I feel that the overall story, entitled “Mine, Yours, Ours”, is too long to expect anyone to publish in one volume, so I’ve split it into three separate books.

In March 2010, after encouragement from friends who had read it, I finally went public with the first part of the story and uploaded it to Authonomy, a Harper Collins site for aspiring authors. Under its temporary title “New Beginnings” it attracted a lot of positive comments and support, and some very useful critical feedback.

I also posted the first ‘chapter’ of “New Beginnings” on the indie publishing site, Night Reading, where it won the monthly poll in August 2010. This resulted in my being offered a publishing contract, and they published the paperback version in 2011.

"New Beginnings" is available in paperback and digital format – for Kindle and similar e-readers – from Amazon, Lulu, and most online retail outlets. You can find the sequel "New Beginnings: Moving On" and the final book in the series "New Beginnings: Starting Over" on those sites too. For those who prefer local shopping, both books can be ordered from most UK book stores.

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