John Rogers

Hello, I'm John, a 6'4" male human being who lives in Reykjavík, Iceland.

I'm MD of Projekta, a music publicity, management and booking company in London and Reykjavík. I also run Brainlove Records, an indie record label championing and releasing alt-pop music.

I write in a freelance capacity for a variety of mags and websites (inc work published in Drowned In Sound, Reykjavík Grapevine, The Quietus, Ja Ja Ja, Music OMH, The Stool Pigeon, Art Review, Plan B). Here's a recent piece about hiking over a volcano. Between 2010-13 I was music editor of Snipe, a 10k circulation free London newspaper.

I also write autobiographical stuff and poetry (as seen in sites & mags like Pop Serial, Alternative Literature, Have U Seen My Whale, Gayng, Microscenes, Internet Poetry & Bad Robot). My first book, Real Life, came out in February 2014.

I come from an art background, having exhibited with Ikon Gallery, e-2, AAS, The Centre of Attention, Impression Gallery, This Is a Magazine, DUMBO Festival and Fierce! Festival. I currently make work relating to experience, memory and self using online, social and collaborative approaches.

I am a pacifist, an optimist, an atheistic-agnostic and a humanist.