Johnathan Quayle

Johnathan is currently working for the Amazon Web Servces group at Amazon as an Security Engineer doing many crazy and secret things; But has past worked in the IT security field at a power company, and is involved with anything new and exciting in the world of technology. He has worked for other many companies in the security and systems administration areas, including Sun Microsystems and the now defunct Corporate Express. He also goes to places and gives presentations, or has talks about anything that he's good at, or finds interesting.

His non tech interest include: photography, aviation, automobiles, and anything else fun. He currently lives in his suitcase, fly's search and rescue missions with the air force auxiliary, drinks large amounts of tea, snowboard's, eats massive amounts of Indian food, learns about space and quantum physics, travels, and likes to cook for people. He is also currently working on a secret project called

If you want any more info, use the links below or email him.