I graduated from a Masters in 3D animation in 2011 and have since been working freelance as a camera operator and visual effects artist. Most recently I have worked on visual effects for series 6 of CBBC show, M.I. High (produced by Kudos) as well as the title sequence and visual effects for a pilot episode of Glasgow-based series, ‘Bloodline’.

My interest in photography and video production began in school and I pursued it as a hobby during University where I initially did a degree in Games Software Development. During this time I gained experience in working in groups for coursework both as a team member and team leader. I also greatly improved upon my written and verbal communication skills through coursework reports, presentations and pitches.

I have a keen interest in technology which helped with becoming self-taught in video production and photo editing and I'm always eager for chances to further improve. During my Masters course I gained practical experience in a professional studio environment in which I could practice my directing, lighting and camera skills. I developed skills in researching and planning small-scale film shoots through my coursework projects.

Since University I have found myself some freelance work filming corporate videos; weddings, music videos, promotional videos, etc so I have some experience in dealing with clients and working with them to create something everyone is happy with. I have also been collaborating with a production company in Glasgow, creating visual effects and motion graphics for them. I have acted as visual effects supervisor on a few small-scale shoots, often requiring me to think on my feet and adapt shots and FX due to changes in weather and other unforeseen circumstances.