Jojie Alcantara

She leads a mysterious double life: a reclusive, stay-at-home artist; and a solo traveler, writer and photographer who documents unexplored realms of the earth that's not named Mordor or Hogwarts. Occasionally, she is on TV as a semi-retired host or brand endorser.

Her personal advocacy of promoting her country's natural attractions fill her with adrenalin (even as she fumbles for her asthma inhaler). This Filipina thrives in a male-dominated field with two specialties, aerial and travel photography.

As a photojournalist, she has bagged awards locally and internationally and is a Getty Image contributor. Often on solo adventures, she captures landscapes, remotely unique islands and finds heartwarming stories of human interest. She maintains a column in two newspapers, and contributes to travel and airline magazines. She is a 3-time Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Awards nominee in two categories, Travel Journalism and Heritage and Culture. She has been writing since 1994, shooting since 2000, and painting since childhood.

This eccentric artist blogs about her (mis)adventures, organizes charity events, watches horror films at midnight, hosts TV specials, teaches photography and creative writing workshops, endorses a few products, and collects MJ memorabilia (yes, the Gloved One). Apart from travel, her other therapy is collecting funny signs.

This free spirit likes living on the edge (rides a chopper over a fuming volcano, braves furious Pacific waves in a tiny boat, explores tribal villages with friendly natives, survives a cage of huge tigers, carries a friendly python over her shoulders, and crosses a marshland filled with crocodiles). In her younger years, she has catwalked down the runway as a fashionista. Today she wears plain shorts and trademark retro MJ shirts.

She accepts commissioned projects and travel assignments. Currently, she travels around the country and Southeast Asia on tourism and cultural explorations by invitation. Davao will always be her beloved home.

How she juggles her time remains to be a mystery.

View her official portfolio here.