Jolie Mack

Principal/Designer | Jolie Mack Jewelery Designs

Fine fashion jewelery designed using sterling silver and 14k gold fill. Brilliant Swarovski adds the dazzle but gemstones bring the bling back to earth. Available in fine boutique retailers within Canada; expanding in the city of Fredericton, NB and the maritime region.

SharpShooter in Training | Jolie Mack Photo 

Photography is my real love. Don't call me for a lifestyle shoot or a wedding - I don't do people. But I love the objects, places, automobiles, mittens, pens, glasses, hair bands and anything inanimate that makes you who you are. Invite me in and show me your stuff.

About me? Pretty contradictory. Always learning. 

By definition an introvert | I've been a loud-mouth bartender for years.

A lover of quiet | I tend to listen to great music loud with extra bass.

A loner, big time | I have a young family and they like a lot of attention - all of the time.

Don't care for babies | Yup, identical twin 10 year olds.

Big city ways | Grew up country and wholesome.

Small city thinking makes me crazy | Just moved to a small city.

Western Canadian born and raised | Living in Eastern Canada.

Would rather not speak | Proclaim my opinions daily to those who'll listen.

Totally cynical and sterotypical | I will nurture who you are and help you hope.

Tend to frown | Love to laugh my head off at Will Ferrell, Ricky Gervais, Flight of the Conchords and Modern Family.

And this I live with happily everyday because I wouldn't be creative and dynamic without all of the crap. Plus, I worship my cat.

Here's a friend who is crazy talented: | client of Jolie Mack Photo