Jonathan Claros Santander

Bolivian from birth, Citizen of the internet, OSX and Unix evangelist.

Coding with PHP 5.2 with Symfony 1.x since 2007, and recently with PHP 5.3 - PHP 5.4 Symfony2, Code Igniter, Node.js, MongoDB, Java, iOS and with other cool tools.

Member of the Symfony community (EN and ES) and developer of the MemiFolderPlugin,

Jquery, Backbone.js addict, and TextMate user, lover of LaTeX since I have designed my first document when I was finishing the university.

Systems Engineer from San Simón University, member of the Memi Community and user of the Idiom design paradigm.

Pragmatic user of Symfony2 and Doctrine2 by now

PHP 5.4 lover. Working at SysCrunch since 2013

Symfony developer