Jon Boorman, CMT

When it comes to markets what do we know?

We know they're not efficient.

We know we can't predict.

We know we can buy and hold for 7% annual average returns, but we can't tolerate the massive drawdowns required to achieve it. So what's the solution?

Use a rules-based methodology designed to capture existing uptrends but avoid the worst of any severe downturn.

How? By incorporating a strict discipline of risk management; exiting when trends are invalidated, thereby ensuring preservation of capital when opportunities are scarce, in order to be in a position of strength when more favorable conditions prevail.

That's what I do. I buy stocks in uptrends and manage risk.

I am President & CEO of Broadsword Capital, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor in Charlotte, NC.

I manage portfolios for institutions and individual investors via separately managed accounts, ensuring clients maintain access to their money and enjoy complete transparency at all times.

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