Jon Boorman, CMT

When it comes to markets what do we know?

We know they're not efficient.

We know we can't predict.

We know we can 'buy and hold' for annual average returns of 7%, but we can't tolerate the massive drawdowns required to achieve it.

So what's the solution?

A simple but effective rules-based methodology, designed to capture existing uptrends but avoid the worst of any severe downturn.

How? By incorporating a strict discipline of risk management; exiting when trends are invalidated, ensuring preservation of capital when opportunities are scarce, in order to be in a position of strength when more favorable conditions prevail.

That's what I do. I buy stocks in uptrends and manage risk.

I am President & CEO of Broadsword Capital, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor in Charlotte, NC.

I manage portfolios for institutions and individual investors via separately managed accounts, ensuring clients maintain access to their money and enjoy complete transparency at all times.

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