Jonny Paterson

As evidenced by his recent induction in to the prestigious BAFTA Los Angeles Newcomer program, Jonny has enjoyed considerable success in the entertainment business from a young age.

He has held positions at ICM, where he reported to talent agent Carol Bodie, and at Lionsgate Entertainment, where he worked alongside Helen Lee-Kim in the international division.

After 10 months in the office of Paula Wagner, former CEO and co-owner of United Artists and Cruise/Wagner Productions (“Mission: Impossible” franchise, “The Last Samurai”, “War of the Worlds”, etc.) he set out to produce on his own in the autumn of 2012 under his UK based JP International Productions banner.

He currently has a full slate of projects in development, including the Hollywood blacklist screenplay “The Scavengers”, set to star Colin Morgan (“Merlin”, “Parked”) and Sarah Bolger (“In America”, “Spiderwick Chronicles”, “Once Upon a Time”) and “Halfway”, which is set to star Quinton Aaron (“The Blindside”) with partner Tommy Oliver (“Kinyarwanda”, “1982”). He is also developing both a documentary and feature film inspired by the Koh Panyee Football Club with partner Tom Pellegrini (“Jiro Dreams of Sushi”).

A native of Scotland, Jonny received his bachelor’s degree in English literature and history from the University of Leeds and his master’s in entertainment industry management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Since 2010, Jonny has served as a non-Executive director on the board of UK based charity Football Aid.