Jonas Caruana

I grew up in a tiny town in rural Australia. Since then I've lived, studied and worked in Paris, Budapest, San Francisco, London, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires, Montreal, Toronto and now I call Vancouver home. I love it here.

I'm a cyclist at heart. Musette Caffè is my happy place. It's a must-see for cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

I love to race: in 2014, I did seven events and completed my first triathlon, first half-Ironman, and first 42.2km at the New York Marathon – it was a great season!

Previously, I co-founded Training Mobs, a website and social fitness community that helped you find and share awesome workouts near you. Nowadays, I'm cooking up some new ideas whilst loving working with the fine folks at lululemon athletica.

Personal credo? "Always run for the bus". Take me to coffee and I'll tell you the story!