Jools Stone

Who is this Jools Stone you speak of?

So here be me.

Currently a part time film publicist of sorts, freelance writer and digital marketing consultant, specialising in arts, travel and lifestyle.

My latest project is working with International Property Shares, a specialist company helping English-speaking customers find affordable holiday homes in France, Italy and the UK.

Currently handling marketing, social media and outreach for Scotland's first ever crowdsourced documentary film: We Are Northern Lights. Great little project too.

Soon to launch Travel Writer Bootcamp too, which will chart my progress supercharging my slightly wilted freelance travel writing career thnaks to insights from a roster of expert mentors.

I'm available for social media consultancy, copywriting, blogging in residence, sheep shearing, leap-yearing, a shoulder to cry on, a boulder to die on, weddings, parties, barmitzvahs, funerals, corporate speaking, kumquats leaking, assorted freebies, junkets, whirlygigs and sundry capers, sunday papers, olives, artichokes, arty jokes, pepperoni and phoney macaroni, misadventures, kissing dentures, misdemeanours, blissful lemurs and picturesque picaresques.

You name it, I'll game it!

Come on then, you let's be 'aving yer. ;) Scream if you wanna go faster!

And now for the sensible / boring bit...

Jools Stone is an experienced, engaging and reliable writer, marketeer and social media evangelist.

Some of his clients and credits include: the Scotsman, the List, Sunday Times Travel magazine, Scotland on Sunday, VisitScotland, the National Trust for Scotland, the Train Chartering Company, National Musuems Scotland and the Kentucky Tourism Board.

His award-winning blog, Trains on the Brain, blends quirky and distinctive travel narrative with an independent focus on train travel and indie travel 'for grown-ups.'

New spin off travel ventures include