Jordan Fliegel

I've dedicated my life to building great companies with my friends. I believe in living simply, serving others, and searching for purpose in our lives.

I'm Founder & CEO of CoachUp, the athlete training company, and am co-founder & General Manager of Bridge Boys, a small seed-stage investment fund in Boston, with over 20 portfolio investments to date.

At CoachUp, I'm fortunate to work alongside a team of incredibly talented people. Our mission is to help kids change the trajectory of their lives through sports. Reaching the next level requires dedication and great coaching, and we believe that athletes should be supported in working toward their dreams. Every day, we work hard to make our vision a reality. With 25+ employees, nearly $10M in outside funding, and over 12,000 coaches across the country, its been fun watching CoachUp grow into a national movement.

Before CoachUp, I played professional basketball in Israel & Europe, coached youth basketball, and worked at an internet startup. I did my BA in Government & Philosophy at Bowdoin College, and my MBA at Tel Aviv University.