Jorge Arturo

Freelance developer and tester; hire me to break sense of your software };-]

Had first contact with computers at age 6 on a 286 model with a monochromatic screen. Learned MSDOS with a tutorial I found at my dad's workplace (a University library).

I'm a professional web developer, open data informal evangelist and a self-taught enthusiast when in comes to anything tech. Very pleased to be included on the web conversation and passionate about getting involved on the development of this already up n' growing techno-enabled global society.

Learned English playing NES, mostly by solving RPG quests & puzzles with my 3 brilliant brothers; using a plain old dictionary and guessing the next move by interpreting context. Exciting times let me tell ya. Have had Internet since the 90s. And you know the formula:

  • [ ( IT knowledge + English ) * Curiosity ] ^ Internet = Freedom

Yes, yes, made that up, not quite right; but you get the idea.

I find life mesmerizing, short & mysterious.

I've survived gun shootings and high speed wrecks on 2 cars, 1 motorcycle and 3 bicycles (LOL I know), neither my fault (maybe one bicycle), I still drive, easy-ride and hit the pedals.

I love independent women, pragmatism, being prepared, coherent business models, adventurous enterprises, driven people, concise & informed opinions, moonshot technology, dreamy science, innovative video games, well balanced motorcycles, finding order where others see chaos, challenges, bravery... and getting whimsical in the kitchen with random ingredients and fancy spices.

I also have an interest (in my own selfish way) in art & culture; specially cinema, from all genres and origins. I despise blindfolded ignorance, fear-mongering, lip service, laziness, and wasting time; mine or other's.

I like making people feel welcomed around me and my crowd/team.

I put my highest admiration on resourceful people of action and facilitators; people who create value and are not afraid of failing (but take realistic preemptive measures) in the way to success and lulz, specially the ones who take risks to make an exciting and better tomorrow.