Jorge A. Rodríguez

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru - home of the Ceviche and Machu Picchu. Spent 4 years in Santiago, Chile with my maternal family. Moved to sunny South Florida in my early teens. I have Spanish, German, Italian, African and Native American ancestry. I am a melting pot of culture, ethnicities and nationalities. Now living in Fox Valley - Wisconsin. I enjoy food greatly, like someone once said - "You know what a foodie is? Now imagine a country full of them." That is Peru and its people. I am one of them. I'm a humble, charismatic, fervent, hard-worker individual who is always ready to enjoy life at any given moment with a passion for diversity. I also enjoy romantic comedies and action movies, latin and house music, dancing of any kind, blogging, and imbibing. I enjoy soccer, swimming, crossfit and volleyball. I don't play video games. Graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Currently working as a Quality Process Engineer at Kimberly-Clark. "Time is an illusion, and reality it's nothing more than a sequence of interrelated events."