Josefina Baez/ Ay Ombe T

Josefina Baez (La Romana, Dominican Republic/New York) Storyteller, performer, writer, theatre director, educator, devotee. Founder and director of Ay Ombe Theatre (April 1986). Alchemist of artistic/creative life process, Performance Autology© (creative process based on the autobiography of the doer). Books published: Dominicanish, Comrade, Bliss ain´t playing, Dramaturgia I & II, Como la Una/Como Uma, Levente no. Yolayorkdominicanyork, De Levente. 4 textos para teatro performance, Canto de Plenitud, Latin In and Why is my name Marysol? (a children's book).

Josefina Baez/Ay Ombe Theatre

Independent artist Collective Bliss.

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Comrade, Bliss ain´t playing