Joseph Manna

As the Developer Partner Program Manager, I help small businesses using Infusionsoft succeed by attracting innovators, developers and do-ers to create solutions for the small business community.

Previously, as the Senior Content Strategist, I led our corporate blog strategy, blogger relations and content marketing analytics. Prior to that, I was the Community Manager of Infusionsoft. I prioneered and launched the company’s social media and community program, crafted and adapted the social media strategy and positioned it for long-term success.

A little over six years ago, I was a Community Manager for AOL, where I frequently managed various active communities platforms across the service and blogged on behalf of the company on AOL and AIM web properties.

Outside of work, believe it or not, I closely follow the world of startups, small business and social media. When I'm not behind a keyboard, you can catch me behind the wheel of my 2014 Ford Mustang. I love road trips and working remotely, so I may be in your 'hood sooner or later.

You can easily get a hold of me in one of three ways, but I prefer Twitter for brevity:

  • Twitter: @joemanna
  • Personal:
  • Infusionsoft: