Joseph Margolis

Two words: Story rules. Story may not form our world, but it sure does shape how we see it. My story beats to a different drum. Like Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones sang, I've always seemed to really try and get what I need out of life. But on October 4, 2010, I woke up, put on a suit and showed up to work - box in hand - to pack my things. I'd had it. So I quit to start after the things I really wanted from life. I figured it would be hard to pull off, but I knew I had to try. In the weeks and months since, I've sometimes wondered how I might keep the lights on. On other occasions I've had plenty. Either way, I wouldn't trade this journey for the world. I don't want to go back to my dead end job. I'd rather be out, unprotected and learning the sometimes tough, sometimes sweet lesson - that building a good story of me = building good relationships with you. Right now, I'm a full-time freelance copywriter at the service of businesses seeking the perfect content to tell their stories. To do well at this venture, my life must be a story worth you telling as well. The only way it'll be so is consistency via the good job I've done, the smile I've put on a face, or the times of kept showing up to do my part. As far as story goes, these qualities always combine to inspire a good feeling. My name is Joseph Margolis, and I'm here to help in any way I can because story rules and at the end of the day I want mine to somehow be meaningful.