Josh A. Cagan

I'm a screenwriter, and I wrote a movie called BANDSLAM.

I have a column on The Yearbook Office. It's about things.

Like all carbon-based life forms, I have a podcast. It's called LIKE I'M AN IDIOT.

I made two web series with my friends: LEARNINGTOWN, with Paul & Storm, and JON DAVIS GETS A SEX ROBOT, with The Job Factory.

I co-wrote a animated series called UNDERGRADS. It's an oddball cult hit in Canada. Yes, I know that sounds made up. It isn't.

Sometimes, I speak in front of people. Sometimes I'm on camera. It's always weird.

I am managed by H2F/DMG Entertainment.

My dog is goddamn adorable. At any speed.

(photo by C. Wright)