Josh Felser

I am a serial entrepreneur turned investor with a little Playa mixed in. I Co-founded the first Internet music company, Spinner, in the 90s and the darknet turned public video-sharing company, Grouper/Crackle in the 00s. I sold Spinner to AOL and Grouper to Sony.

I am now an early stage investor at Freestyle, Co-founded by me and Dave Samuel. We have made 14 investments in the last 20 months including Formspring, Cotweet, SimpleGeo, Chartbeat, Typekit, Recurly, Rixty, Kidlandia, Get Satisfaction, Cardpool, Backtype, Styletrek, Crowdflower and

I also manage the theme camp, Toobopolis Watering Hole: A Liquid Love Story. You can find us serving alchoholic libations and music at Burning Man every year.