Joshua Lippiner

I run Noctivity, which dreams up crazy ideas and tries to make them real. We've done (sold in 2007), FareMonkey (sold 2005), Taper, SimplyHeadlines and (check it out). Before that I created cPulse, sold to in '99 then Gartner (NYSE:IT) in 2000. In 2010, I was featured on as "Inefficiencies Worst Nightmare," which is pretty cool.

I'm also the co/founder of Wecora, which has been called "crack for interior designers" by, well, interior designers. Wecora is changing the way interior designers work with their clients and vice versa, hopefully for the better.

I believe in sir, maam, Mr and Mrs. I believe that just because you follow someone on Twitter doesn't mean you know them and should call them by their first name. I believe in holding the door, shaking hands and looking someone in the eye. And I've never done a business deal where both parties don't make out in the end. "Winning" in business should mean both people are happy, it makes life easier.