Joshua Martens

I’m an artist, designer, impossible pioneer, budding entrepreneur, world traveler, dance fan, and tech startup founder.

My passion is creating early-stage internet companies and products, from Moleskine® sketches to the final user experience. I'm the co-founder of DancePulp, a professional dance industry content-production company. I learned more in 2 years at StockOx (a beverage alcohol industry startup), as co-founder and designer, than all my previous years combined. I'm now working on LocalsLimited, a daily email that helps you discover your city & preserve the authenticity of its finest gems. *invite-only, proof of residency req'd.

I grew up in a small Montana farming community. Since, l've lived in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Seattle, and currently New York City. I love exploring new cities & countries, drinking fine wine, spirits & coffee, grazing on dark chocolate, cheese, stroopwafels, and spicy food. Lekker!