Joy Larkin

Thinking about how and why people visit Web sites fascinates me to no end. ***

Summary: A hands on senior professional working with startups and other high growth companies.

Currently: Client Success at G2Link.

Projects: Writing about technology and startups at Writing about motherhood and work (co-founder) at and some other unnamed ideas.

Industry Experience: A very successful Cloud/SaaS startup, B2B Publishing, B2C E-Commerce.

Interests: Technology, Startups, the Web, Internet Marketing, SEO, Email and Social.

True Fact: I was on the Internet before there was a World Wide Web.

Another True Fact: I was probably on Twitter before you too @joy.

Life: Philadelphia, indie music, Apple fangirl, single Mom with a terrific daughter.

Someday, I will make it to Silicon Valley full time. ***