J.R. Bédard

Jean-René started tinkering with electronics and programming at a young age in Québec. After graduating in software engineering from the University of Sherbrooke, he joined Ubisoft Montréal where he worked as a game programmer on the video game productions of Myst IV and Assassin's Creed.

Wanting to flee Canadian winters he moved to Los Angeles to work on ZBrush, the digital sculpting software for Hollywood movie productions. After two years of traffic jams, he moved to San Francisco and joined a startup named Scribd as the first engineer. He created iPaper, the embedable online document viewer used by millions of people every day. After that, he was Co-Founder & CTO of Gamify and Gamification (acquired by Badgeville).

While traveling for a year across South America, he started Saltado to help that part of the world with several eCommerce products used by millions of people.

These days I'm interested by cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies for development and investments. I'm starting the Ether.Fund to help grow the ethereum ecosystem.