Julian Jean

My name is Julian Jean, I'm a 29yr old personal trainer/nutrition consultant/model, I live in the garden state, better known as New Jersey. I believe in working hard to achieve the goals you have and getting what you're lookinmg for, I'm all about continuously establishing myself while helping others along the way. I grew up with healthy and fit influences around me, my father was heavily into boxing, judo and later on bodybuilding, he also followed a strict diet. He was a great influence on what I am and where my interests are today. Being that health and wellness encapsulate my life, I continue to educate myself and pass my knowledge onto those looking to reach the next level as well. Modeling is something that has grabbed my attention within the last few years after being told that I have "the look" for it. Along with bodybuilding, this has become another passion of mine as well. I'm very easy going and adapt well to my environments, a very personable individual. I studied criminal justice after high school but found that my passion fell elsewhere. If you wish to contact me with any additional questions about training, diet or just general discussion, please feel free. I do have very affordable rates for both personal training and meal/diet planning. Thank you!