Julian Hinson
As the product of African parents, American schools, and a global experience one might call me a bit of a mix. All the better. My name is Julian Hinson. I enjoy a love for diverse experiences, a knack for conversation, and an unbridled curiosity. I am currently pursuing an MD degree at Meharry Medical College while developing both my photography and my interest in healthcare technology as a vehicle of care for the underserved. After a year working as an ER Scribe in the Twin-Cities' Allina network, I believe strongly in Cloud-based healthcare recording, and dream of a world where I don't have to rely on my memory and the papers I carry with me everytime I go to a hospital. However should the long-term land me in Ghana, I expect my passion for patient centered care to keep me afloat. I still entertain a child-like love of trains, but balance it with a taste for modern gadget design, innovative tech solutions, and a soft spot for all all things iUniverse.