Julianne Chai

I love (an abbreviated version):

Weddings. I love weddings and brides. Something about the white dress, planning, venue, beauty... Oh and sunsets over water. My nieces and nephews... Taking pictures and making them pretty on Instagram. I'm not a photographer by any means but um, totally addicted! Audible books. I think I'm singlehandedly keeping them in business. Wine... drinking them makes me happy. Makeup... enough said. Currently working as a new product development project manager in the cosmetics industry. Not only do I like to play with them, I love applying them on women. Beauty tools can empower and I love playing a role in it. (I'm a part time makeup artist.) Volunteering. I'm active in the following organizations: Freedom & Fashion, Make A Wish SF Chapter, REACH West. A little obsessed with Fitbit right now!