Justin Jarvinen

I challenge myself every day to see what's around the corner. As a strategist, product developer and business modeler, I like like to think I'm pretty good at tethering big, transormative thinking to specific engagement and financial requirements (and then blowing them away). I've founded companies and secured contracts totalling more than $200 million in revenues, so I'd say I've found my niche. But I love it and that's really what's important.

Today I'm spearheading the development of an exciting new agency that focuses on innovation, product development and data-driven campaign design for big brands as well as high-growth startups and entrepreneurs. The company is called 27SIX and it has taken forever to launch our own brand because we're so busy doing client work. But it's incredibly fulfilling and I'm having a blast. We'll get our own site soon enough.

I live in Lake Forest, IL with my beautiful wife, 2 wonderful kids, and a couple rescued dogs that think they're humans. I'm always open with my time, when it's available, and love to hear about new ideas or problems in search of solutions. I'll take a lunch at Deerpath Inn, at my office downtown Chicago, or just about anywhere I can abuse a big white wall with my Sharpies.

I'm Justin. Reach out any time.