Joan Rose Gumafelix
You can call me Sophie. ♥ HAHAHA. :))
We can be FRIENDS as long as i like your company.

Frustrated Singer ☺ | Filipino | Catholic | Single | March 26 | Aries | 16 yrs. old ~

I'm.. Moody | Fragile | Stubborn | Sensitive | Misbehaved | Bipolar | Friendly | Joker | Fighter | Lover | Simple | Imperfect |

I love listening to musics! I also love to eat, sweets! <3

I'm not.. the pretty one, but I will also say I'm not the ugly then.
Sometimes, a sinner,silly,mistaken, but you can trust me!:))
I'm just an average student. Not smart, but not dumb.

I love the people who makes me happy. A friend whom I can trust behind my back. Who always there when I have a problem.
I hate backfighter. The bitches who insult my personality.

I have my own life style. If you can't accept me as that, you don't deserve my time. And NEVER explain myself to everyone Coz nobody who can explain who REALLY I am && STOP telling lies about me, && I'll START telling the truth about you.

My attitude is based on how you treat me.