Karen SD

Curator of Dialogue. Connector. Intrapreneur. Community Builder. SMB Consultant. Digital Media Professional. Elephant Hunter. Teacher. Speaker. Shift Disturber.

What's engaging to me is that which creates a dialogue, and as an internet native, I've always been a geek of the curious kind.

I am the Manager, Business Development for the MaRS Discovery District, Ontario's premiere innovation hub, after spending the previous two years engaging and building the community as the Manager, Digital Communications. These roles build on the work I’ve done with startups and entrepreneurs for the last 15 years in ICT in sales, education, marketing communications, operations, program management and process and workflow design.

In all things, collaboration is key. I intrinsically believe that when we all win, we all win. It impacts how I work, and how I live. I’m an exceptional connector. I innately understand how connecting people and ideas benefits people, and provides opportunities. My instincts are valued by my connections. And it’s not about the numbers.

It's more than just work for me, of course. I consider myself a renaissance woman; a lover of all things creative, curious, expressive and engaging, from art to music, from food to wine, from language to anthropology.