Karl Kemp-O'Brien

Long-term student having survived my BSc Biology degree at the University of Manchester and MRes degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Birmingham. In the middle of my four-year PhD in molecular cell biology at the Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics at King's College London.

Solihull-born, Birmingham raised, with a strong Irish Catholic background I am now an out-spoken secularist and if we're talking about religion then I would class myself as an anti-theist. Long-time gamer, Apple-fan, science-nerd and all round geek. Other interests include amateur photography, coffee, electro-music, beautiful or interesting architecture and big city living.

Views expressed may provoke thought, shock and/or outrage. Enjoy!

Click below to find me on my preferred social networks and services. I'm most active on App.net and Twitter (for now).