Kate Hayden

My name is Kate. I tell true stories.

Lived the London life for a while, then returned home to Des Moines. I grew up in a town of 45 people; I'm used to a variety of environments. My interests include everything from the front page stories in Washington D.C. to international affairs, from street style in Europe to vintage collectors in the Midwest. You can often find me riding my bike (a 1970's canary yellow Schwinn Breeze) or shooting at small-scale concerts and political rallies in the Des Moines, IA area. I currently work as Digital Editor (previously news editor, photography editor, and reporter) for The Simpsonian; a public relations intern for Simpson College; a Writing Fellow for SC 101 (freshman introductory course) Fear and Happiness in America; and a freelancer for the Indianola local newspaper, the Record Herald-Indianola Tribune.

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