Kate Billing

There is no other single thing we spend more of our waking hours doing than being at work. So why are so many of us prepared to declare that ‘dead time’, simply exchanging it for money to ‘have a life’ in the few hours before and after sleeping? What if we could all become better people through our experience of work and do good in the world as well as create financial success? Those questions occupied my mind for years while I moved from job to job and country to country – playing the same game as everyone else.

I took the road less travelled in 2007 and left the corporate world for the thrills and spills of self employment. I thought I’d give it a year and see what happened. Short answer – I love it! Working in an external role with multiple businesses, I can affect and support far more positive change than I ever could on the inside as an employee. No two days are ever the same. I’m learning and evolving every day. My clients are amazing people and I love seeing them deliberately forging their businesses through strength of purpose, connection and the performance power of their people.