Kathryn Cassidy

My personal code of conduct can best be summed up by the words; Congruency, Integrity and Authenticity. I learn it, I live and I teach it to others.

My work involves encouraging people to discover who they really are and what their 'soul' purpose is in life. I look at life through a different lens to the majority of people - especially those who believe we get born, live, die and in between we need to achieve, accumulate, we may be lucky or unlucky and it's all just random chance.

Through my knowledge of Metaphysics I try to demonstrate to others the indivisibility between the celestial and terrestrial spheres and all they contain. There is perfect order in our Universe. Who we meet, what we do, how our life unfolds - even whose about.me profile we click on - isn't simply chance but down to a form of innate (divine) design AND an element of choice.

At some level we all collaborate with our fate...the trick is to collude consciously! Then, when we are upset by events, we can answer the question 'Why me, why now?' just by looking more deeply at this collaboration and connectivity.

Enough of all that...'about me' on a more personal level, well I'm way too loquacious, I love to love (and the bottom line is that's all each of us is here to do) I love to laugh - and that's at others and at myself. I also love a fluffy dog with a pink tongue! This one is Tibetan Terrier. My home is in Berkshire, England and I was born in the month of November.