Kathryn Cassidy
My personal code of conduct can best be summed up by three words; Congruency, Integrity and Authenticity. One of the first books to put me on this path in my teens was Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. Everyone should read it. I'm not a Buddhist. I guess you could just say that I worship at the altar of spiritual understanding of this Universe! My work involves disseminating the insights and wisdom I have gained over decades of working in the field of metaphysics and studying ancient wisdom/spiritual belief systems. I encourage people to discover who they really are and I help them look at what their 'soul' purpose might be in life. 'About me' on a more personal level, well I'm way too loquacious, I love to love, I love to laugh - and that's at others and at myself. I love to travel. My home is in Berkshire, England and I was born on 10th November.